Decoding Indian Journalism on Twitter with Data

I believe that if used the right way, data can become the fifth pillar to maintain and improve our democracies. It is up to us to stand up and present concrete facts before society to keep the powerful accountable to the last person standing in the queue.

With this post, we debut our upcoming series on understanding and decoding Indian journalism on Twitter. This series is our attempt to understand the who’s who of Indian journalism, their reach, networks and political inclinations. We’ll try to understand who are our most impactful journalists, how much their reach really is, and where they stand w.r.t. each other.

We will also attempt to figure out the Left, the Right, and the Center in the case of Indian politics based only on data, avoiding our definitions. This will be covered in a different post.

We also plan to find journalists who are critical and not so critical to the current establishment.

Coming to the data, there is a lot of public data available on Twitter ready to give us insights into how our systems are performing and how society is responding to it. To work on this series, we downloaded about 3200 recent posts for each journalist in the top 200 using the developer programme of Twitter, with the aim to gather data for the top 200 handles.

Rank of Journalists by their followers in 2021

rank of Indian journalists by their followers
Journalists Rank by Followers

From the data, we find that the top 10 journalists account for around 80% of the followers.

Table for top journalists with their followers
Table for top journalists and their followers

Rank of journalists by total retweets in 2021

Rank of Indian Journalists by their retweets in 2021
Journalists Rank by their retweets
Table for top journalists and their total retweets
Table for top journalists and their total retweets

Help us in gaining more insights from our data by giving us suggestions in the comment section.

You can reach out to me either through the comments section or by emailing to sourabharsh@gmail.com if you are interested in getting the data.

Stay tuned for the next post!

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